We opened our business in 1945 in San Diego, California.
It started as a wholesale cosmetics and hair products store calling on what few salons existed then.
With hard work and passion for the beauty industry, we have grown the business to 21 store and salon locations.
We have done this while maintaining the same passion and dedication to the beauty industry which existed 70 years ago.
We have immense pride in the fact that we remain family owned and operated in an industry where large corporations attempt to dominate.

We believe that the pride in our homegrown family-run business resonates throughout our stores and staff
(some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years).
We are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality shopping experience.
We offer a vast selection, low prices and the personalized service which you would expect from a family-run company.
We thank you for your interest in being part of our family. Here’s to the next generation!

Pacific Beach

Carmel Mountain

Carmel Valley


La Jolla

Parkway Mall

Point Loma

Stop in to any Empire location to fill out an application,
OR forward your resume, availability and location preference to annemarie@beautysmash.com!


Are you a budding brand,
interested in joining the Empire Beauty Family?
Let us know!


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